Vangelis Katsoulis, in a gentle way, pays no attention to the arguments about what is contemporary jazz, romantic or ethnic music, materializing the substance of music as an art: the beauty, which arises from a heart, open to the emotions.

Argyris Zilos (Athinorama)

Through the years, I have been keeping track of Vangelis Katsoulis artistic development. I can see in it a consistency and a continuity without precedent. He has opened a new way in our country. Now many other musicians here and abroad follow this track.
No music could be described as contemporary music, unless it is based, in a way, on tradition. Vangelis Katsoulis' music reveals a perfectly constructed system of references, which cannot escape the attention of the audience.

Fondas Trousas (Jazz & Jazz)

Vangelis Katsoulis has arrived to the point where all creative musicians usually come. They let improvisation simulate a new attitude of life. What do they achieve by that? To construct new, universal forms.
Vangelis Katsoulis worked with all these musicians and ended up producing the most complete album of Greek jazz.

Kostas Yiannoulopoulos (Ta Nea)

This album (Through The Dark) escapes from the typical jazz approach and becomes a personal work: a work of art. The variety of mood, rhythm and performance are parts of the creation of an artwork, which uses its sources with balance, clarity and abstraction.

Yiorgos Notaras (Ihos)

The Slipping Beauty is full of delicate sounds and multi layered interactive riffs. Katsoulis generally combines compact new age electronic minimalism and a subtle variety of styles.. A work of mass appeal.

Tom Grove (Option)

Fragile melodic vignettes, fleeting rhythmic sparkles, dense waves of three-dimensional electronic sound, minimalistic austerity of lay out and development as well as sobriety of mood and of creative thought in a work of contemporary unregistered music. One of those that show us what is going to come in the future.

Argyris Zilos (Athinorama)